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People couldn’t get married over 50 years ago because of race and they said is was to benefit education, society, but most importantly the children.

Richard Loving and his wife Mildred Loving were forced to live in exile out of their home state of Virgina away from their famalies because it was illegal to be married in Virgina. They spent NINE years living in Washington D.C.! 

Even though they weren’t supposed to, they often visited Virginia to be with their families. When asked what he did when they were exile Richard said “I took my wife and we came to live here [D.C]” and when asked why not divorce her and not deal with the complications he said “Because I love my wife. I will not divorce her!”

He was the only one who did not have to live in exile. Because his wife was Black and Native American and because his children had black in them it was illegal for them to live there with him in Virginia but not him.

It makes me so upset that they and other couples had to go through stuff like this which is why I get so upset about the shenanigans that still happen in 2012.

You know we often talk about events in the past like the people were so wrong but there were good people that fought for our rights when we even couldn’t. One of the things that struck me most about this documentary is when their lawyer, Mr. Cohen, said that the laws were purely racist laws from the 19th century. He said “This is not the 1800s or the 1700s. THIS IS 1963!”

I can not believe that “THIS IS 2012!” still needs to be said

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